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Jobs abroad: Move your studies and work out into the world

There are many ways to travel, and the travel dream can easily be combined with the study, internship or job. Get the editors' best tips.
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Jobs abroad: Move your studies and work out into the world is written by The editorial staff, RejsRejsRejs.

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Take the job, internship or study with you on the journey

There are many ways to get out and travel. If you are limited by how much vacation you have available, you can choose to combine with your work or study and make the trip a part of your everyday life.

But what are the options for getting out for longer than a regular vacation?

At the editorial office, we have gathered our experiences with stays abroad and here we offer our suggestions on how you can combine your job, your studies and your leave with travel abroad - and make the trip last a little longer.

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Exchange - students - university - education abroad - travel

Exchange and education abroad

At the editorial office, we believe that the best education is the one you get by traveling. And fortunately, there are a sea of ​​different ways to do it.

It has long been popular to study abroad, for example on exchange in high school high school or at language school during the summer holidays. In the past, it was most common to go to English-speaking countries, but now you can go on exchanges in almost any country.

It provides a unique opportunity to get really close to the culture of the country in question and strengthen the language skills, and the host family will definitely arrange trips to exciting places they would like to show off.

In higher education, there is also a good opportunity to study abroad. Either through exchange, or because part of the education can just as well be taken at another university. It is an obvious opportunity to take advantage of. At the editorial office, we have, among other things, read a semester in Seoul og Beijing.

Reading abroad provides a certain structure in your everyday life when you travel for a long time. Many educational institutions in Denmark even have collaboration agreements with similar schools abroad. If there are no existing contacts, it may require a little extra leg work, but it makes a huge difference to take part of the education abroad and at the same time be allowed to experience another country up close.

Several folk high schools in Denmark also offer travel, and some schools are located abroad. Among other things, Zanzibar Folk High School, which is located in exotic surroundings Zanzibar and is a perfect starting point for further travels - and also volunteer stays in others African countries, which we ourselves have tried on the editorial staff.

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Volunteer - internship - travel - volunteer

Internship and volunteer Job in a foreign country

As a student, the travel budget can be low at the same time as the longing is great and the holidays are long. In most educations, either a semester is set aside for an internship, or it is possible to get it stacked on its own. And why not take the internship abroad? We have also done this ourselves at the editorial office, among other things Brussels og India.

It is a really good way to get going and gives the opportunity to experience the country in a completely different way. So whether you are studying at university, training to be an educator, teacher, doctor or anything else, there are good opportunities to get going.

An internship is a manageable period to travel in. Talk to your place of education and find out what opportunities they have for internships abroad. Students on merit-bearing internships can even take the SU with them. In addition, several internships provide grants for the stay, and it is often possible to apply for scholarships that can help you with the financial aspect.

Another option is to make Volunteering for a shorter or longer period. It can be combined with an existing journey and at the same time provide some very special experiences. The most obvious thing is to volunteer with a local NGO or at an orphanage, but it may as well be as voluntary at one sporting event, as a peacekeeper or election observer. There are unimaginable possibilities, and we at the editorial office ourselves have made use of them in e.g. Ukraine.

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Australia - Sydney - Opera House - Travel

Working holiday - work on the holiday

The combination of traveling and working along the way, gives you special access to the local culture and population - and at the same time makes the budget extend further on the journey.

New Zealand, Australia og Canada is among the most popular and easy destinations to apply for a work holiday visa to. Here you can both get involved as a waiter, cleaning assistant, waitress in an ice cream parlor, work in agriculture or something completely different. It can extend your stay, the days off can be used to explore the local area, and you will make good contacts that can be valuable for your further journey.

Another option is to stay At par and be accommodated with a local family. It is a safer way to go out and experience another country as you are privately accommodated. This of course means that the flexibility is less in relation to traveling on your own, but in return you will experience getting really close to the culture of another country, and you will be able to travel on holidays and on holidays yourself. 

You can also choose to stay guest on a ship and have a unique experience on the oceans while working on the ship.

It is super fun to combine a job abroad with traveling - even if the work is unpaid.

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Ski - ski guide - alpine - jobs abroad - seasonal work

Take out as a guide

A job abroad can take shape in many ways for a shorter or longer period of time. In the past, it was popular to go to Israel and kibbutz. Today, other forms of seasonal work have taken over. For example, as a ski guide in the Austrian alper. It has long been a popular combination of skiing holidays, stays abroad and afterskiing.

Another option is to become a guide for a travel company. Here you can travel around your favorite destinations - eg in China, as we have done - and at the same time get money for it. As a guide, you can either choose to be employed at the destination or leave as a tour guide on arranged trips. When you do not have your hands full with the guests, you have the freedom to travel around yourself.

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Travel - work abroad - beach bar

Job in a foreign country Take the work with you

If you dream of combining your paid work with travel, there are different options for it. For example, you can apply to the industries where the work tasks have an international focus, or you can try to be posted.

If you work for an NGO, in a company with, which has offices or departments abroad or something completely third, the boss may not stand in the way of you moving your job abroad for a shorter or longer period of time. In addition, it is obvious to take a holiday in continuation of work-related tasks abroad.

If it takes you to stay out for a longer period of time, you can choose to be posted and rent out your home in Denmark. It allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture - and the adventure is close at all times, every time you move around. When you travel due to a position abroad, it also becomes easier to get a visa, and often you can get help from the workplace to find a place to live and other practicalities.

If you are looking for work and would like to explore the possibilities for a job abroad - and at the same time experience something other than at home - then you are allowed to leave with unemployment benefits for up to three months. However, this presupposes that you are a member of an unemployment fund, and this only applies to the EEA countries - that is, the EU countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein og Norway.

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Digital nomad - jobs abroad - travel

Become a digital nomad or go on leave

The ultimate form of travel and work is that solve the work tasks at a distance. As digital nomad you can move around from destination to destination, and the work can one day take place from a beach bar on Koh Phangan in Thailand and the next in a skyscraper in Singapore.

Of course, this requires that you have a flexible job where you can organize your time yourself, and that it does not matter whether the tasks are solved from Denmark or abroad. And of course access to a fast internet connection.

Another option is to take leave from your work for a shorter or longer period. It is obvious to do it in connection with maternity leave, where you can for a while immerse yourself in the family, at the same time as you experience a lot of excitement together.

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Travel - jobs abroad

Job in a foreign country - you must remember:

  • Work visa: If you choose to work outside such as au pair, seasonal worker or are posted, then it is important to have control of your work visa. In some countries, it can be hugely time consuming and a lengthy process. On the other hand, you get more status from being 'local' and can, for example, buy tickets and rent housing on local terms 
  • Travel insurance: Unforeseen things can happen on any trip, so a comprehensive travel insurance is also a must
  • Residence in Denmark and abroad: If you travel for more than six months, you have a duty to report your move to the National Population Register. On the other hand, most companies are exempt from paying tax in Denmark during the period
  • Sign up for the 'Danish list': Regardless of whether you travel for a longer or shorter period of time, it is always a good idea to sign up for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' list of Danes. Then they can get hold of you if something should happen in Denmark or in the country where you are
  • Sign up for forums on digital platforms: It can be nice to have contact with other like-minded people when you spend more time abroad. For most destinations, there are forums on Facebook where you can ask questions about everything from where you can buy good bread to property contacts who can help with a home

There are unusually many ways to get out and travel. A permanent job, education, family or a house certainly does not have to be an obstacle to taking out for a longer period of time. It can all be easily combined.

It is often about choosing the journey to whenever possible. It may also be that the dreams and plans you already have may come to include a trip. If you put the journey at the forefront, it is only your imagination that sets the limits of how you can travel and work.

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Really good fun with your education, your internship or your job abroad.

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