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Guide to flight delays and cancellations

If you have experienced a flight delay or cancellation of your most recent flight, read our guide to compensation and legislation here
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We do not have time for flight delays

Confusion, irritation and growing frustrations. Emotions we have all experienced, after arriving at the airport on schedule, going through the mandatory security check, only to spot one of the many departure screens that give the message: 'flight delayed'. Or maybe your flight has been canceled and suddenly your trip to the dream destination feels like it has been paused, indefinitely!

But what exactly are your rights in the event of a flight delay or cancellation if the accident is out and you are suddenly one of the many travelers each year who have your trip temporarily interrupted for precisely these reasons? You can, of course, search flight delay compensation on Google, but we have done the work for you, and gathered the most important points here.

According to EU law 'EC 261' As a traveler, in many cases you may be entitled to compensation but also to compensation of up to € 600 euros per person if your flight has been delayed for three hours or more within the last three years. If, for example, you are denied entry and rejected at the boarding check, or your flight is otherwise delayed or canceled, then in many cases it will be possible for you as a traveler to be granted a flight compensation. In addition, the European Court of Justice has in 2018 ruled that a strike also provides compensation to air passengers. This also applies back in time, so passengers who have been affected by a strike within the last three years will most likely also have money to spare. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that parents who travel with a child under the age of two and without a plane ticket for the child, may still be entitled to full compensation. This also applies, for example, even if the child is sitting on the lap and thus does not have his own seat.

We at RejsRejsRejs wants to make it easier for our readers to understand what options you have for compensation if you experience either flight delays or cancellations on your future trips. Below you will find an overview of the rules for delays and cancellations, where in many cases you may be entitled to compensation.

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Rules for justification of flight delay compensation

Based on the rules for flying in the EU Regulation Member States as well Norway, Iceland, Switzerland with more, the following conditions apply to flight delays. The current rules cover both arrival and departure in a Member State, however, in rare cases it will also be possible to be entitled to compensation for flight delays outside the EU. Here, however, the compensation will typically be halved at the same time as the arrival or departure airport must still be within either the EU, or at an airport in one of the members of the EU regulation.


  • Two hours or more for flights under 1.500 kilometers: up to € 250 euros
  • Three hours or more for flights within the EU of more than 1.500 kilometers: up to € 400 euros
  • Four hours or more for non-EU flights of more than 3.500 kilometers: up to € 600 euros

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Rules for denied boarding and canceled flights

If your flight is not delayed but you are instead either denied boarding or have been given canceled your flight, then, in several cases, it is still possible to obtain compensation or indemnity. Here are the following rules for compensation if you are denied boarding or have your flight canceled:

  • Your flight will be canceled more than 14 days before the scheduled departure - and you will arrive at the destination more than four hours late.
  • Your flight will be canceled seven days before the scheduled departure - and you will arrive at the destination more than two hours late
  • If you are denied boarding of the aircraft - due to overbooking

If you are entitled to compensation, then it is your right as a traveler to have the amount paid out either in cash, via bank transfer or by check. In some cases, the airline may choose to compensate you with travel vouchers, however, it requires you as a traveler to accept this in writing.

In some cases, you can not apply for compensation if you are denied boarding. Here you will find examples of this:

  • Check-in is too late
  • Denied access for safety or health reasons
  • Lack / insufficient identification
  • Missing visa or other entry permit
  • Failure to comply with the airline's terms and conditions

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Keep this in mind if you are hit by flight delays

It is incredibly important that you keep everything that is called documentation for your flight. That is, all receipts and boarding passes. Advantageously, you can also take pictures to use documentation of time and place, where you can, for example, via pictures, prove how late you are. If you have saved both receipts and boarding passes, then there is even a chance to get compensation from delayed or canceled flights that are up to three years back.

If you are very late, that is, for two hours or more, then you are at the same time entitled to food, drink and telephone calls through your airline. It will also be possible to be accommodated in a hotel if you are further delayed than the aforementioned, however, there will be various factors that come into play, such as the time of day, whether small children are on the trip or in case of illness / disability.

If you choose to receive additional compensation from the airline on the spot, then should note that this will greatly impair the possibility of getting a greater financial compensation for the delays.

In some cases, you as a traveler will not be entitled to compensation, even if the flight is delayed and you are at the same time without fault. This may be because the delay is in no way to blame for the airline, but instead is due to either bad weather, natural disasters, terrorist threats or illegal strikes that have not been announced in advance.

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There is help available

For most people, the rules for what you as a traveler are entitled to are quite confusing and can quickly give the impression that it may not be worth the effort. Therefore, many will end up not benefiting from all the rights you as a traveler have.

But luckily, there are various good companies that can help you towards getting a bite of the cake. We can, for example, recommend AirHelp as an excellent ally if you as a traveler believe that you are entitled to compensation for either flight delays, cancellations or have been denied access to boarding. AirHelp is the world's leading compensation company that helps air passengers receive compensation for delayed and canceled flights.

AirHelp was actually started by two Danes, and they have helped over five million travelers to receive compensation in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. Read more here about what you are entitled to in case of flight delay, cancellations or being denied boarding. There are also other companies that offer similar services. The most important thing is perhaps just to try, because there can be good travel money to pick up.

Now you know what to do if the accident is out, then just start finding the good ones flight offers, cheap hotels or they cool package tours

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