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Geography fails

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Sometimes even the best frame can be next to the geography. The following examples show that one can sometimes hit so far next to it getting so funny that we have to comment on it. You really get the feeling that geography is not exactly a top competence.

No, Asia has probably become jealous of Africa… There is probably someone who has slept a little when they had to print these t-shirts, or someone who must have refreshed their knowledge of the different continents!

travel fun

Egypt-Air's map of their flight destinations …… Well, the most important thing is to show how many destinations they fly to, then geography can come second, or as in this case, not a priority at all. But if you're a little adventurous, they should probably send you somewhere!

travel fun

Austria = kangaroos? Yes you might find a kangaroo in a zoo in Austria… Maybe someone should have done a spell check before they made the toy cars!

Even though the geography is right next door, we give 12 points because they at least gave it a try 😉

If you also want to practice your geography knowledge a bit, without anyone seeing if you answer correctly or incorrectly, we can recommend our newsletter where there is always a little travel quiz with!


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