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This is where the editorial staff will be in 2021

How to look RejsRejsRejs'own travel plans for 2021? We have again this year asked the editors what they themselves have planned and what is on the wish list for the year ahead. For free inspiration for your own travel plans.
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This is where the editorial staff will be in 2021 is written by Editorial staff Travel Travel Travel

sigiriya - Sri Lanka - Travel, 2021

The subcontinent calls

Jacob Gowland Jørgensen, director

Now there is no reason to spend an entire winter in Denmark, so it must be broken into at least two! In 2021, I will finally return to the Indian subcontinent after a break of several years, because I am planning a super exciting trip to Sri Lanka and Nepal in February, and to beautiful Kerala in South India in June so it will be colorful and festive.

In March I am going on an extended weekend to Yerevan in Armenia and if everything goes up in a higher unit it will be on Namibia to April, which has been on the wish list for far too many years.

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England - London, Wembley, stadium, football - travel

Football ahead

Jens Skovgaard Andersen, editor-in-chief

The New Year's resolution for 2019 and 2020 was to travel to 10 new countries during the year that is coming to an end now. It didn't quite work out, but then I can just try again.

So far stands London on the program for March, when the Danish national football team takes over Wembley. London is always exciting, even though it is far from a new destination for me; it is gradually becoming almost domestic. Homely it will also be until June, when my own city København holds the European Championship in football. I have to take part in that, but I also have to go out and follow the tournament elsewhere. Bilbao and Azerbaijan are high on the list.

Beijing og Japan can also expect to see me in 2021, and I wonder if there will also be time for some European getaways? I think so. At least I'm holding a birthday party Krakow to November.

And then I have a plan to visit Saudi Arabia, which has finally opened up to tourists. 2021 can only come.

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Denmark Ærø Aeroe mark sea travel, 2021

Denmark, Austria and England in sight

Rikke Bank Egeberg, co-editor

For September, I can finally call myself a captain and in the future use my sailing knowledge at home and abroad for beautiful sailing destinations such as Croatia, France or the Caribbean. A boat trip through the South Funen Archipelago would not be so bad either. However, I have to make do with the Ærø ferry in May, when Ærøskøbing is to be visited again and in June, it is Strynø who calls.

April is another trip London, Wales and Liverpool on the drawing board. I have not seen enough of it at all United Kingdom

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Banner - Bulli - 1024
Tokyo, Japan

Plans for 2021 in both East and West

Kristian Bräuner, co-editor

The first trip of the year is already at the beginning of February, when the trip takes place Austria on a ski trip. It's been many years since I last skied, wish me luck!

For the spring, I have plans for a trip to the Far East. Japan is namely at the top of min bucket list, so if everything goes according to plan, I will soon have bought another plane ticket Tokyo. Summer must be kept in Denmark, but I wonder if I'm taking an extended weekend somewhere in Southern Europe - I love the southern European summer.

A year without another trip California during the fall? It does not work! For October, I will once again take over Los Angeles, where I have to celebrate Halloween.

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Brazil Paraty Boats Travel, 2021

Ai, caramba! Brazil and Barcelona entice

Paloma Fjord, co-editor

2021 does not start with me until 04.00 Danish time. And in 35 degree heat. It will be at Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro together with 2 million party-happy beach guests. The New Year is traditionally celebrated with a bunch of friends on the beach, champagne bottles and plastic glasses under your arm and giant fireworks shows beyond the water.

Afterwards I go to the enchanting Paraty, which exudes the colonial history of the past. From the town's old harbor, small, colorful boats sail out to the most beautiful sandy beaches, and I can just see myself sitting in one and enjoying life.

For July I have to go again this year Barcelona Yoga Conference, which is a fantastic yoga festival filled with music, dance, movement and laughter.

My big wish for 2021 is to experience Japan og Sri Lanka. Maybe the two magical lands can be combined? At least if I win the lottery.

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USA New York Central Park Autumn

Where should I enjoy a glass of red wine in 2021?

Katrine Øland Frandsen, co-editor

After spending close to half of 2019 in Indonesia, I've had plenty of time to think about my next trip out. I, like so many others, plan my next trip while traveling.

One of the two destinations I have in mind for 2021 is Santorini, Greece. I have always been incredibly fascinated by the iconic white buildings with blue doors.

My exchange on Bali, gave me a good opportunity to reflect on what other destinations I would like to visit. In addition, I watched quite a few episodes from the TV series; Sex and the city, and it inspired me to think about New York. Actually, I'm quite aware that there are many parts of the United States that are not exactly my cup of tea. But the idea of ​​partying with a glass of red wine at a Jazzbar this fall is just one of the things I get to experience.

So my 2021 plans go on, red wine in a white house with blue doors on Santorini and hopefully red wine with jazz in the background in New York.

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Acropolis, Athens, 2021

Starts 2021 with feta and tzatziki

Sascha Meineche, co-editor

My 2021 plan is like everyone else with travel in focus. I end the year as I started it, far away from home. This year get Athens the honor of my New Year’s festive self and I have to eat feta and tatziki for the all-time great gold medal. Even though it may not be the usual New Year's menu, and the Greek sun is probably not quite as nice as it is in the summer months.

Later in January I'm going to Vilnius with my sister. We need to be a little spa-like and enjoy an extended weekend. In addition, nothing else is planned 100% (yet). But it comes, because I feel best if I have a minimum of two trips planned at a time, otherwise I get almost cold sweats and bad nerves, restless night sleep and mood swings.

My goal is, as in recent years, ten trips abroad and a minimum of two new countries on the travel account. And, of course, it does absolutely nothing if it becomes more. I have a plan that I want my sister to join New York - she is soon 30 and has never been there, and I think that is completely and utterly too bad. Then I would like to have my grandmother with me Belgium.

In addition, I have an agreement with a friend that we are going to Chernobyl, and then I really want to Greenland, Oman og Georgia. And then the rest must come sprinkling when it just fits into the plans. One thing is for sure, countries need to be added to the travel list by 2021, and I certainly need to catch up on some of the missing vitamin D as well, so I may be in surplus for next winter.

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