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Chile Easter Island Moai statues monument travel
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10 mysterious monuments

The world is a strange place filled with mysterious monuments, where one does not always know the story behind. Here we have collected 10 of the most mysterious monuments in the world.
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Egypt Aswan obelisk travels
Source: My Modern Met

The unfinished obelisk in Aswan, Egypt

An obelisk is a tall square pillar with a point at the top that resembles a pyramid. Obelisks were originally used in ancient Egypt at the entrance to temples, but were also distributed to other lands. Besides Egypt you can for example find obelisks in Italy, Turkey, Israel og France.

The unfinished obelisk in northern Aswan was originally supposed to have been transported to Rome. It is the largest obelisk built in Egypt, and if it were completed and erected, this monument would have a height of 42 meters and weigh over 1000 tons. However, some cracks were found in the stone, which put a stop to further work on this obelisk.

Today, the obelisk is located at the quarries of Aswan, which lies along the Nile and serves as a sight for visiting guests.

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Malta Gozo Ggantija travel

Ggantija Monument, Malta

Ggantija on Malta is a monument consisting of two temples and a third which was not completed before it was abandoned. These temples are more than 5500 years old and are therefore older than the pyramids in Egypt.

The name Ggantija is Maltese for 'giant' - both for the size of the temples, but it is said that the temples were also built by giants, so the name fits perfectly.

In front of the temples is a large terrace that is believed to have been used for ceremonial events, and finds of animal bones suggest that animal sacrifices took place on this terrace.

Ggantija is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is another reason why you should visit this monument.

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Underwater monument in Khambhat Bay, India

In December 2000, some divers made a fantastic discovery when they did some pollution surveys in India. What they discovered was traces of an ancient civilization that is believed to have lived 9500 years ago.

However, there is speculation as to whether this may fit, as the oldest human cities are dated to be 7000 years old.

For the finds in Khambhat Bay to be consistent with the tests that have been carried out, this means that what archaeologists have spent years investigating is now incorrect. That is, the oldest human city is now not only 7000 years old, but actually 9500 years old.

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Chile Easter Island Moai statues travel

The Moai statues, Easter Island

Easter Island is located in the South Pacific west Chile. Here there are 887 stone statues in the form of heads, although many also have shoulders, arms and bodies. The statues were built to honor deceased ancestors and significant personalities who lived on the island more than 1000 years ago.

A group of stonemasons stood to make the statues, and the inhabitants would pay them what they had to have a statue made. The size of the statue would depend on how much payment the stonemason received. The payment could be potatoes, chickens, bananas or whatever one had. Therefore, some statues are larger than others; some inhabitants were richer than others.

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Japan Asuka monument travels
Source: Kansai Culture

Masuda-no-Iwafune, Japan

Asuka is a city in Japan in the mountainous area of ​​Nara in the Kansai region, which houses a large number of rock carvings. The area is especially known for its Buddhist temples, statuettes and shrines. In addition to these, you will find some stone monuments that do not fit into the traditional Buddhist style. No one knows immediately where they come from or who made them.

The largest of these is the 'stone ship' Masuda-no-Iwafune, in English 'Rock Ship of Masuda'. It is 4,5 meters high, 8 meters wide and 11 meters long - and no one seems to know where it comes from. A very mysterious monument.

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Mexico Olmec heads monument travel

Olmec stone faces, Mexico

The Olmecs are the first and oldest culture in all of America, about which not much is known yet, as they left behind little more than a collection of giant stone faces. These stone faces are built of a solid piece of stone, which suggests that the stone heads represent some important people from the time when it has required many resources to move the stones with a weight of 8 to 40 tons per head.

There are a total of 17 of these olmetic stone heads, which are located in various archeological and national museums around the Mexico.

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Japan Yonaguni monument travels
Source: Britannica

Yonaguni Monument, Japan

The monument at Yonaguni is an underwater rock formation. There has been a lot of talk about whether it is man-made or arose naturally due to the appearance of the formation. The monument is at the southern end of the island of Yonaguni in Japan, east of Taiwan.

The monument itself measures 152 meters in length, 40 meters in width and 27 meters in height. The monument - or formation - consists of several different geometric shapes; there are terrace-like places where there are large areas of flat horizontal lines, large columns, a 10 meter wide wall and a star-shaped platform, which is also called the 'Turtle'.

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Bolivia Tiwanaku Puma Punku travel
Source: Pinterest

Puma Punku, Bolivia

Puma Punku means 'Door of the Puma' and is part of a large group of monuments near Tiwanaku in the west Bolivia. The amazing thing about this attraction is that Tiwanaku, according to Inca traditions, is an extremely important place because it is believed that this is where the world was created.

Some of the monuments have absolutely stunning carvings for their time, showing signs of advanced handicrafts dating back to the year 536 BC. It is said that Puma Punku and the surrounding temples served as a spiritual center for the Incas and attracted pilgrims from far and wide.

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USA Georgia Guidestones Travel
Source: Wikipedia

Georgia Guidestones Monument, USA

Georgia Guidestones is a set of 5,5 meter high stones in the state of Georgia in United States. They are engraved with instructions and advice for a possible re-establishment of a society - perhaps after an apocalypse. These instructions are written in eight modern languages; English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Conspiracy theorists and fundamentalists believe that the stones are something that some Satanists or a secret association have created due to some of the content of the councils. Therefore, the stones have also been vandalized many times since 1980, when they were erected.

It is not yet known who was behind this monument - apart from the man RC Christian who commissioned the work. However, his name is probably not his real name. In addition, the stones are engraved with the words: "Sponsors: A Small Group of Americans Who Seek The Age of Reason". Mysterious and fascinating.

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China Terracotta Army monument travels

The Terracotta Army, China

The Terracotta Army is an archeological find of approximately 15.000 terracotta clay statues in the form of soldiers, horses, chariots and full-size weapons. The terracotta army was found in 1974 when some farmers had to dig a new well and it is said that none of the terracotta models are alike - they are all unique.

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The terracotta army was found two kilometers east of China first tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi. The terracotta army is part of Qin Shi Huangdi's vast burial ground and mausoleum, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and is accessible to the public.

The world is big and there are a lot of monuments to see, experience or just get wiser on. Enjoy!

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