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Holidays in North Zealand: Sights and tips for your trip

If you are considering spending your next holiday in our own little Denmark, then North Zealand is an excellent place to go exploring.
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Holidays in North Zealand: Sights and tips for your trip is written by Birgit Pedersen

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Lynæs - kitesurfing on your holiday in North Zealand

As a North Zealander, I can only say one thing: Here is beautiful - very beautiful even. We have beach, forest, fields, beautiful small towns and a coastline that is unsurpassed.

However, there is a small piece that I like more than other places, namely Halsnæs in the westernmost part of North Zealand. Halsnæs is a headland. A peninsula all the way out there where you can go no further unless you are sailing, swimming or maybe jumping on a surfboard.

Lynæs Harbor is actually a favorite place for kitesurfing and ordinary surfing. Here, surfers come from most of Denmark and abroad to play sports and hang out. Here is beautiful, and at the same time there is a view of the beautiful slopes towards Sølager and the coast at Rørvig and Jægerspris.

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Holidays in North Zealand - Denmark North Zealand travels Hundested Harbor

Hundested - culture, cosiness and harbor

Two minutes away is the beautiful Hundested Harbor. Hundested is named after the seal dogs, which you can still see frolicking in the water outside the city. Hundested is small, cozy and with a wealth of activities all year round.

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In the summer there are lots of delicious little shops, sand sculptures, music, glassblowing, Egeværket with completely unique designs. In the summer, the city is also visited by smaller cruise ships. Delicious food is offered in the small restaurants, and Hundested even has its very own brewery.

All spiced with a fantastic beach, Trekanten, with a blue flag. Nørregade, with shops, cafés and Zealand's best ice house, Vaffelhjørnet.

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Denmark North Zealand travels the Triangle Hundested harbor Holiday in North Zealand

Liseleje - stress completely on your holiday in North Zealand

If you take the trip along the water, you will come to Melby, Asserbo and Liseleje. Here you will find both a campsite, lovely restaurants and a very special holiday home area, which is one of the most in demand in the country.

Liseleje has the most beautiful beach, summer markets and of course a nice ice house. Here you can really get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and just enjoy the calm and the de-stressing atmosphere.

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Denmark North Zealand travels the Frederiksværk Canal

Frederiksværk - for the cultural holiday in North Zealand

Of slightly larger towns in beautiful Halsnæs, we have Frederiksværk; an old industrial town with the country's only steelworks. There you can visit the Gunpowder Works Museum and see how gunpowder was made in the past.

A small harbor, a lovely pedestrian street and the canal along the beautiful old houses are definitely worth a look. The small ship "Frederikke" is happy to sail you around Denmark's largest lake, Arresø.

Ølsted by Frederiksværk has a fine gravel pit with events such as music, theater and much more.

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Denmark North Zealand erects Knud Rasmussen's house

Kikhavn - North Zealand's forgotten gem

In North Zealand, we keep a secret. The little forgotten gem, Kikhavn.

Kikhavn is an old, old fishing village with thatched houses, which are more than 100 years old. Here are tiny roads where cars are forbidden and where the road ends at the most beautiful view over the water and up towards Skansen. It is truly a gem that few people know about.

At Skansen is Knud Rasmussen's house, a museum about Denmark's most famous Greenlandic researcher. Definitely worth a visit when you now visit Halsnæs in Kongernes Nordsjælland.

Welcome to North Zealand!

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