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Hotels in the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia: 5 great places to stay

The Tatra Mountains, on the border between Poland and Slovakia, are a beautiful natural area filled with fantastic hotels.
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Hotels in the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia: 5 great places to stay is written by Jacob Jørgensen

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There are hotels and then there are hotels in Tatra

There are hotels that you just sleep in, and then there are hotels that to that extent add the finishing touch to the journey.

Here are the editors' bids for 5 fantastic hotels in the highlands Tatra Mountains i Slovakia, just south of Krakow and Zakopane in Poland. The Tatra Mountains are an area known for its beautiful nature, spas and many opportunities to be active on the journey.

We have visited them all - and they are very different - the 5 hotels in the Tatra Mountains.

Some are luxury and others are simpler. Some are traditional and others more modern. Some are located in the mountains and others on the edge. But they have one thing in common: They are all places you want to be. And come back to.

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Tatra National Park Hotel: Villa Siesta

Villa Siesta is located inside the national park itself in the cozy village of Vysoke Tatry, which is the starting point for several cable cars and hiking trails. In other words, you live right in the middle of beautiful nature. RejsRejsRejs has also sent several winners here in our travel competitions, and we have received really good feedback from the lucky winners.

Villa Siesta is a simple and family-run hotel with an even very friendly hostess in Katarina Daniskova. There is a fine wellness department under the hotel with several different kinds of saunas for free use and of course all kinds of treatments.

The rooms suit the surroundings: There is wood, wood and wood! All in a fairly simple style and at a really good price. There are both ordinary rooms and a few apartments for the family trip, but remember to book early, because it is a popular hotel.

Hotel Villa Siesta is rated 8,4 / 10 by users.

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Hotel Lomnica

The Tatra Mountains have been a tourist destination for more than 150 years, and therefore one can find several classic hotels where luxury and style meet nature.

Hotel Lomnica opened in 1894 and has recently been completely renovated with respect for the old house. A very beautiful hotel has come out of it.

Hotel Lomnica has both rooms and apartments, and you can choose a more classic or modern style. The hotel also has its own gallery, master bedroom with leather furniture and plenty of fun corners. Well yes, and then they also have a bang of a restaurant where one experiments with modern cuisine.

Hotel Lomnica in the village of Tatranská Lomnica is rated 9,4 / 10 by users.

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Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatra

The Kempinski chain recently took over one of the other original Richman hotels, and after an extensive renovation, the hotel is one of the gems of the Tatra area.

Where Hotel Lomnica is luxury in the slightly whimsical way, Kempinski is a classic 5-star hotel with a focus on the aesthetic.

Hotel Kempinski is impressive, and if you do not want to stay here, you can still buy access to the hotel's spa area with the wild view.

The hotel has 98 rooms and a luxury restaurant with thick carpets and skilled sommelier.

The Grand Hotel Kempinski is rated 9,4 / 10 by users.

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Hotel International Velka Lomnica

Hotel International in Velka Lomnica is a completely different type of hotel than the classic ones. It is a modern hotel located on the plain at the foot of the mountain and is therefore a good starting point for excursions to the whole area.

Here the focus is on golf, and then there is a huge spa area that you can spend hours in. A nice little detail is that you can swim from the indoor pool to a small heated pool outside, and with a view of the mountains you can fill your lungs with the fresh mountain air.

There is a phenomenal view of the beautiful mountains from the restaurant and the terraces, so you can get a "Cake with a view" - or a large draft beer at a very reasonable price, if need be.

The rooms are neat in the peaceful way and there are some of them so you may well be lucky to get a room right up until departure.

Hotel International is rated 9,2 / 10 by users.

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Slovakia Hotels in Tatra Hotel Liptovsky Dvor travel

The last of the best hotels in Tatra: Liptovsky Dvor

The raisin in the sausage end is a super cozy hotel with traditional and beautiful cabins. It is located - of course - in beautiful surroundings.

The theme here is wood and stone; luxury in the cozy way. There is of course a small spa, as there are most places in the region.

Liptovsky Dvor is a family-run hotel, where everything is taken care of in a smiling and efficient manner. It simply feels nice to be here.

The hotel is close to the ski resorts and all the other activities in the Tatra Mountains. And then they have a really good and ambitious chef who can deliver gourmet food in the restaurant, which is also open to guests from outside.

Liptovsky Dvor is rated 8,7 / 10 by users.

Have a good trip to the Tatra Mountains!

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