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On a weekend trip to Macedonia

Macedonia's capital Skopje is a perfect city for a weekend getaway. It is easy to get around and everything is within walking distance.
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Alexander the Great

In Macedonia, it is believed that Alexander the Great - who is found on a statue in Skopje - is from Macedonia, which Greece disagrees a little. They think he is from Greece.

The size of the statue clearly shows how proud they are to have him as a national hero. Located in the middle of Macedonia Square, you can not avoid seeing it as one of the very first things when exploring the city.

In the rest of the city, more than 200 statues have been placed, which are the result of the construction project 'Skopje 2014', which aimed to rebrande the city and give it a more classic look.

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Old Bazaar

If you turn your back on Alexander the Great, you will find 'Stone Bridge' right in front of you, which is also one of the most famous sights in Skopje. If you cross the bridge, you end up in 'Old Bazaar' and actually feel like you have just left Greece over to Turkey.

In the Old Bazaar there are not nearly as many statues, but instead a lot of small streets with fun shops. Here you will find leather and fur shops and the classic souvenir shops.

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Eateries in Macedonia

Old Bazaar also offers many exciting places to eat. There is plenty of life in the streets and space for you to sit outside. However, it is crowded and lots of people, so if you feel like a little more space and relaxed atmosphere, you can go back to the Old Bridge, where the restaurants are located side by side along the river.

There are lots of delicious restaurants in Skopje, and you should not deceive yourself to try some slightly more delicious restaurants. The prices are at the very bottom, and the quality is usually in order.

The menus inside the city usually offer the most touristy classic like pizza and pasta, but if you look a little, you can also get something a little more interesting. A coffee usually costs around 6 kroner, and a lunch 30-40 kroner including drinks.

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Kale Fortress

While finding out what the city has to offer, you can hardly help but see Kale Fortress, an ancient fort dating back to before our time.

However, it is said that it was then ruined during an earthquake in the year 518. In the 10th or 11th century, it was rebuilt to what we can see today. It costs nothing to get up and visit it and you get a great view of the city.

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Mother Teresa

Another person they are very proud of in Skopje is Mother Teresa, who was born here in the city. Of course, there is also a statue of her. 10 minutes walk from Stone Bridge you will find the house that has the honor of being a memorial to Mother Teresa. Here she lived from 1910 to 1928.

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Drive out of Skopje

If you have time to get out of the city, then you should definitely do so as there is much more to see around the country. An hour's drive from Skopje is the Canyon Matka gorge, which is insanely beautiful. You can take a taxi or bus there - both are available cheaply. If you live in a hotel, they can easily arrange a full or half day trip there.

A little further south of Skopje is Lake Ohrid, which is a little further away than Canyon Matka, but at the same time definitely worth a visit! It is a perfect place if you want to take some beautiful landscapes.

Macedonia can easily be seen in a few days. If you have a week to the whole country, then you can easily see the most important. But a weekend is plentiful if you just want to see the capital Skopje.

Good trip to Macedonia!

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