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Ireland <br>• Northern Ireland

Ireland: 10 places not to be missed

Life is just a little greener on the green island. What to see in Ireland? Here's what you need to start with.
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Ireland: 10 places not to be missed is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

Ireland - maps - travel

Little Ireland with the great tales

In fact, Ireland is a small country that does not take up much space on the globe. But everyone knows Ireland, and the country has something very special. If you have traveled in Ireland, then you know it already, and if you do not have, then you have something to gain. Although we all know Ireland, the country is full of surprises, secrets, big stories and little robbery stories.

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Ireland - Dublin, Liffey, Ha'penny Bridge - travel

Ireland's warm welcome - Dublin

Most Irish travelers arrive in the capital first Dublin. The city stands ready with open arms, charm and craic. Craic is the Irish version of cosiness and often consists of good traditional food in large quantities, ditto drinks and Irish folk songs, which are very difficult not to sing along to. It does not matter that you have just stepped out of the plane and into the door of the pub; craic is for everyone.

Dublin has a special vibe about it, and a Guinness or a whiskey just tastes a little more authentic here. Ireland and Dublin are also becoming one culinary destination, and there are plenty of exciting new restaurants in town that have also been discovered by the finest food reviewers.

With its location on the east coast, Dublin is the perfect base from which to explore the rest of the country. The Irish island is twice the size of Denmark, and it is easy to get from Dublin to all ends of the country.

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Ireland. coast, sea - travel

Ireland's Wild West - Wild Atlantic Way

Along the west coast of Ireland to the Atlantic Ocean runs the wild Atlantic route Wild Atlantic Way. Here you meet Gaelic hospitality and are surrounded by nature beyond the usual.

The coastline varies a lot, and you can both surf, walk on the beach and feel the rush in your stomach when you look over the edge from the high steep cliffs. The coast is wild - and wildly beautiful.

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Ireland - Cliffs of Moher - travel

Cliffs of Moher - hissing in his stomach and hair

One of the most impressive natural areas you will encounter on the Wild Atlantic Way is the Cliffs of Moher. The dramatic cliffs are 100-200 meters high and stretch many kilometers in length.

The vast majority of visitors stop here on the road along the coast, and for good reason. You can also find your very own wild cliff without all the others if you just let curiosity lead the way.

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Galway - cultural city in Gaelic

The largest city in the Irish West is Galway. The city is the center of Gaelic tradition, language and culture, and by 2020 Galway will also be the cultural city of all of Europe. This means you can have all the cultural activities you could wish for, on top of Galway's own highlights. And there are many of them.

It is not just Galway as a city that was European City of Culture in 2020; it was also the whole region around the city. The whole region is full of stories and you are invited along.

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Skellig Michael - Star Wars at sea

A slightly special attraction off the southwest corner of Ireland is the island of Skellig Michael. It does not look like much from a distance - and most of the year you have to content yourself with scouting the island from the mainland - but the island is like taken out of an adventure with dragons, wizards and witches.

Skellig Michael became seriously famous when it got a prominent role in the Star Wars movies, and the isolated wind-blown bird island is now almost a pilgrimage destination for fans of the movies. The erratic weather and wind conditions make the island difficult to get to, but the sight of the adventurous island is worth traveling for no matter what.

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Ireland's ancient East - Celtic culture and fantastic tales

Along the east coast of Ireland and a good distance inland are countless castles and fortresses, which over time have tried to keep Vikings and other invading hordes away. Now the castles and Celtic culture are attracting hordes of tourists - and with good reason.

Eastern Ireland is full of tales of heroes from Ireland's 5000 year old history, and it is truly a fabled region of the country. Celtic folklore mixes with the Catholic customs of today and you are sucked into Ireland's stunning tales. In Ireland, there are as many storytellers as there are residents.

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The green heart of Ireland - where the people's soul lives

In the middle of the green island lies the green heartland. It is often overlooked by tourists, but this is where the Irish themselves seek to find tranquility. In the small village communities in the middle of the country you will find your way back to the soul of the Irish people.

Surrounded by unusually green fields, stone fences, bogs and small lakes you will have time to relax and really feel Ireland. Hundreds of thousands of Irish have left the island to seek happiness elsewhere in the world, but they never forget their green homeland. Here in the heart of the country you feel why.

With well-known place names like Kilkenny and Tullamore, you are obviously right in the middle of Irish culture - not least the drinkable one. It's not hard to imagine why the humorous and often cheeky poems 'limericks' come from here.

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Ireland's mythical north - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is full of tales. Both old and new. From the guardian angel Saint Patrick - who we celebrate with green disguise and black beer in unreasonable amounts on his holy day 'St Patrick's Day' March 17 - to the tragedy of the Titanic and the more contemporary political unrest.

On top of that come the stories from the TV series Game of Thrones, which has given Northern Ireland new life and lots of new visitors.

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Belfast - moving past and luminous present

Belfast is Northern Ireland capital and undisputed center, and this is where you meet the touching story up close. The murals, memorials and museums - not least the museum of the city's tragic pride Titanic.

Belfast is also a rapidly evolving modern city, and neither you nor your taste buds need be bored.

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Giant's Causeway - the giants' footbridge

One of the absolute highlights of the journey around Northern Ireland is the stone pillars known as Giant's Causeway. According to legend, the stone pillars are the remains of the footbridge that the giant Finn MacCool built to be able to fight with a giant from Scotland. Whether you believe in that story or not, Giant's Causeway is a very special piece of nature that can not help but impress.

Many people take the trip to Giant's Causeway along the coast of Northern Ireland to find locations from the TV series Game of Thrones, and if you'm a fan of the series, then this is something not to be missed. The adventure is right in front of and on all sides of you.

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Nice trip around Ireland - or as they themselves say: Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!


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