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Austria - Vienna, Hundertwasserhaus - travel

Austria - cozy and eerie experiences

All countries have museums and sights for all tastes, but Austria still probably has a little more than most others - not least when it comes to the slightly eerie - and cozy experiences.
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Austria - cozy and eerie experiences is written by Jens Skovgaard Andersen.

Vienna, Capuchin crypt, skeleton, skull, travel

Macabre attractions in Vienna

I Austria capital of Vienna you will find the cathedral Stephansdom, which has an impressive collection of bones from 11.000 people. In addition to ordinary Viennese, the earthly remains of the Habsburg emperors and empresses are also kept in Capuchin crypts. It is not only the skeletons but also imperial hearts and entrails that are laid in urns.

If that's not scary enough, then Vienna also offers one undertaker museum, a burial ground for the nameless as well as museums for boats anatomi and terrible crimes. There's something to get started on, and there's probably a chill or two coming out of it.

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Austria - Vienna, Hundertwasserhaus - travel

Vienna's cozy site

Fortunately, Vienna is also a place for the living. The world-renowned architect Hundertwasser is one of the best examples of the colorful and fun aspects of life. Several of his works can be seen in Vienna in his native Austria. Among other things, you can see his Hundertwasserhaus, which is built completely without a ruler - Hundertwasser was not a fan of straight lines…

Museums usually go to great lengths to ensure that their works are the original and genuine ones, but in Vienna there is a museum that goes in the completely different direction. Fälschermuseum pays homage to the art of counterfeiting works of art. Here you can experience forgeries and copies of world-renowned artists, and you will surely recognize that forging great art is in itself a great art.

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Austria - Hallstatt, skulls - travel

Austria is full of both coziness and ugliness

I Salzburg you can visit Sebastian Church and the associated cemetery. The place houses some of Austria's famous sons and daughters and not least a long line of decorations, which should remind us vividly that one day we too will die. Pretty morbid.

In Mondsee not far from Salzburg you can experience an altar with skeletons of former monks from the 1100th century in St. Michaels Kloster. In Hallstatt in Salzkammergut you can visit a 'benhus' with over 1200 ornate skulls.

Salzkammergut is also much more than the macabre and you can also explore the stunningly beautiful region for other reasons.

Also in Saint Florian close to Linz and i Eggenburg northwest of Vienna you can experience how bones and skulls have been used for artistic decoration, and it is actually quite impressive.

Other sights around Austria are more cheerful. Among other things, you can experience the world in mini format in Minimundus in Klagenfurt. Here, the world's most famous buildings are built on a mini scale, and you can walk around the world in one day and feel like a giant next to the Eiffel Tower and the White House.

If you have been bitten by seeing the world a little from above, you can take the trip up near Klagenfurt Pyramidenkogel and enjoy the amazing view - and take the roller coaster down.

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Austria - Krystalwelten - Innsbruck - travel

Austria's crazy inventions, a world of crystal and a nuclear power plant that never came into use

North of Vienna in the town of Herrnbaumgarten - which calls itself 'the crazy city' - is a museum. It has an impressive collection of crazy inventions. The museum is called Nonseum and houses, among other things, cigarettes with filters at both ends, soup plates with drains and a collection of famous historical buttonholes…

Swarowski is world famous for crystals and they have even opened a theme park where the crystals are in focus. The park is called Crystal Worlds and is close by Innsbruck. Swarowski's famous crystal park can really make anyone's eyes sparkle.

In Austria they do not have nuclear power, but they do have a nuclear power plant anyway. In the 1970s, they built The Zwentendorf plant, but popular protests meant that it was never taken into use. Now it is located west of Vienna and has instead become a tourist attraction, which seems like a time pocket from a certain period in the 20th century.

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Beer bath - Starkenberger - brewery - spa - baths - innsbruck - travel

Bath in beer from Austria

Have you ever dreamed of swimming around in a pool of beer? You can do that at the brewery Starkenberger. Here they offer wellness with beer in the center when the pool is filled. Upstairs a tour in Austria with something for all the senses, a relaxing walk in the beer basin is just what the body needs.

Whether you are looking for the cozy or the eerie on the trip, Austria has plenty to get you started on. Take the good nerves and the big smile with you on the trip - experiences await you that you will definitely not find anywhere else.

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