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Sakura, Japan

Sakura: Guide to the Japanese Cherry Blossom

One of Japan's characteristics is the beautiful cherry blossoms that spring up in the spring. Here you can get ideas for where you can experience sakura in Japan.
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Sakura: Guide to the Japanese Cherry Blossom is written by Anna Lohmann.

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The whole of Japan springs out in the spring

It's hard not to fall in love with Japan, when the country is dressed in pink shades from the newly sprouted cherry blossoms during the spring. Sakura, as the cherry blossom is called, is one of the highlights of the year for Japanese, but also tourists flock to parks all over the country. The flowering is also a symbol of a new beginning, as the school year and the financial year in Japan begin on 1 April.

You can see the cherry trees bloom from north to south, but due to the size of the country, the flowering takes place at different times, depending on where you are in the country. As a general rule, it blooms first in the south and last in the north. We have made a guide with 5 suggestions on where you can go - not only to experience the newly sprouted cherry blossoms, but where the places also have a lot of other things to offer.

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Filosoffens Sti - sakura in Kyoto

“The Path of the Philosopher” in Kyoto is one of the most popular places in Japan to see the newly sprouted cherry blossoms. The path is 2 kilometers long, and on the way you pass small canals, temples and of course the cherry trees. There are almost 500 of them on the trail.

In Kyoto, the flowers have not sprouted yet, but it should happen in early April. However, do not be sad if you leave a little too late, as it is also quite nice to see the cherry leaves floating along the canals.

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himeji castle sakura japan travel

Himeji Slot

Himeji Castle, also known as Himeji Castle, is one of Japan's most spectacular castle complexes. The castle is the largest and most visited in all of Japan and was incidentally recorded on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993.

The place is especially popular when the 1000 cherry trees around the castle spring out in early April. The flowers have not yet sprung out in Himeji, so there is still a chance to reach them. They are expected to spring out in early April and disappear again in the middle of the month.

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Mount Fuji, Sakura, Japan

Fuji - sakura with iconic Fuji as background

The Japanese national icon, Mount Fuji, is also so popular in the months when the cherry blossoms are springing up. There are several different places around Fuji where you can see the familiar mountain in the background and the cherry trees in front.

Two recommended places are at the Five Fuji Lakes and Lake Kawaguchiko. It's just about to get going, as the cherry blossoms have already popped out here and are expected to disappear again in a few weeks.

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Takada Park in Joetsu City

Besides seeing the beautiful flowers in daylight, there is also something very special about watching the cherry blossoms light up in the evening. Takada Park is the most popular place to experience Yosakura, which means seeing the cherry blossoms in the dark. It is said that the park welcomes over 1 million guests in just the 15 days that they call Cherry Blossom Festival.

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tokyo, japan

Kitanomaru Park in Tokyo

Tokyo is full of parks and places where you can go hunting for the famous flowers. An example is the Kitanomaru Park, where you can rent a boat and sail around between the beautiful trees. In the evening, the trees light up and there are several food stalls nearby where you can enjoy your dinner. Sakura flowering has already started in Tokyo and is expected to continue through the first week of April. In addition to its beautiful flowers, has Tokyo incredibly many things to offer.

If you want a foretaste of the Japanese cherry blossom, there is the option to get it in København. At Bispebjerg Cemetery and in Langelinjeparken, the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully during the month of April.

Although it is also nice to see it in Copenhagen, it can still not be compared to the places you can see it in Japan. Therefore, there is only one thing to say; get off before it's too late - Have a good trip!

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