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Experiences in Goa - introduction to Paradise

Experience a smiling population with a wonderful relaxing life-enjoying mentality in Indian Goa.
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Experiences in Goa - introduction to Paradise is written by Marianne Nielsen

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Big and small experiences in Goa: 'Soft India'

Goa is 'peace, love and happiness' and wonderful beaches. On the west coast of India lies a small piece of paradise. In Goa, you are guaranteed fantastic experiences when history and culture, temples and churches, culinary temptations and cool drinks and - not least - beaches and coconut palms welcome you. There are delicious beaches in boats in North Goa and in South Goa.

You’ve probably heard it before when the talk falls on Goa; is it now also 'the right thing to do India'? My sincere answer is: Yes, definitely! India has so many faces and so many experiences to offer.

It's just a matter of noticing and finding the experience that suits you and your travel dreams. And Goa is really something for itself - in the best possible way.

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Indescribable happiness in the midst of chaos

All the senses are brought to life - for better or worse - when you travel in India.
The sounds, the smell, the taste buds, indignation, amazement, total chaos and magically enchanting relaxation.

Some visit the country and swear never to return again. Others will feel an intoxicating feeling in the body, an indescribable happiness and a sense of belonging in the midst of all the chaos.

I myself happily belong to the last part. To me, India is the land that steals your heart and burns itself into your soul. One thing is for sure: A trip to India you will never forget!

My first encounter with India was more than 20 years ago. As a new and young tour guide, I landed in Goa in the mid-90s, and with Goa, I got a soft introduction to India.

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Big culture shock

I should definitely just get used to India, which will probably be a big culture shock for many. But Goa is a really nice place to start. I lived in Goa over 8 seasons as a tour guide and it made me curious to experience more of this magical travel country.

I have since traveled back to India every year to get new magical travel experiences, but I always return to Goa to end my vacation. Goa is simply just my second home.

When, after a few weeks with North India's impressive sights, charismatic soul experiences, chaotic train stations, spicy wonderful food, crowded buses and curious smiling Indians, when you think "now I need to relax", head for Goa.

Or maybe you are sitting right now and are planning your winter vacation and really want to experience India but are a little skeptical about whether it is something for you.

You might be thinking that the enormous poverty is becoming too violent to experience so close. That the crowds and the deafening traffic noise are getting too hectic. But are you still curious? Then head for Goa.

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Experiences in Goa: Much more than beautiful beaches

With a size of just 3.700 km2 - slightly larger than Funen - Goa is the smallest of India's 29 states and also one of the youngest.

After more than 450 years of Portuguese rule, Goa became part of the Indian Union territory in 1961, and only as late as 1987 did Goa gain the status of India's 25th state.

Goa is bordered by the Arabian Sea to the west and borders the Indian states of Maharashtra to the north and Karnataka to the south and east.

Mountains, rivers, valleys and parks offer beautiful nature experiences, and the Goa rivers, which include Mandovi, Zuari Chapora and Tiracol, are the blood vessels of the small green state, where lush palm trees and evergreen rice fields support the feeling of paradise.

Religion is paramount on a journey in India. Here you will meet, among other things, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity. And the many churches, temples, mosques and palaces provide ample opportunity for cultural experiences - also in Goa.

You do not have to be far away from the main road of tourism before the small winding roads offer sleepy villages. Here time seems to stand still.

The sacred cows lazily stroll around the traffic knowing that their sacred status makes them invulnerable. A temple elephant is on its way to the city temple with its pilgrims. The road to a unique local experience often costs only a smile.

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The most delicious beaches in Goa

And then there are the beaches… We can not get around them.

More than 2 million tourists - Indian and international - make pilgrimages to Goa every year to enjoy the golden beaches and the swaying coconut palms. And beaches are plentiful here.

Whether you are an adventurer or backpacker, or you prefer a more standardized form of travel with plane, suitcase and hotel, there is a beach for every taste and temperament.

Are you going to the elongated quiet sandy beaches, where the coconut palms sway slightly in the breeze, and the overnight stay takes place in small simple palm huts, you have to South Goa.

Are you more into beaches that are buzzing with life and activity with hotels, town, marketplaces and nightlife close by, then it is North Goa.

But why not try both? Traveling around Goa is easy and smooth, and personally I always combine South and North Goa; then you get the best of both worlds.

Have a good trip to Goa - I'm sure you'll have a lot of great experiences!

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About the travel writer

Marianne Nielsen

Marianne has lived and breathed for travel for more than 20 years.
The first travels made her curious, and this curiosity opened the door to 12 years abroad as a tour guide, where she was so privileged to be allowed to live and work in such magical places as, among others, India, Kenya, Bali, Thailand, Turkey, Portugal , Spain, and Italy.
Marianne loves her job as a travel consultant and being allowed to share experiences and knowledge about countries and places she herself is passionate about. Work has expanded the travel horizon further and provided unforgettable memories in the luggage from Ecuador and the Galapagos, Chile and Easter Island, Greenland, China, South Africa and much more. A stay in Nepal as a volunteer at an orphanage is also among the fondest travel memories.




The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.

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The newsletter is sent out several times a month. See our data policy here.