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About the travel site RejsRejsRejs

RejsRejsRejs (literally TravelTravelTravel in Danish) is the upcoming travel media for Denmark and Scandinavia. We focus on providing real insights and practical travel planning tools for any traveller who is keen on going beyond the standard travel routes. We aim to create an easy overview of the best existing travel content in Danish, by working together with a selected network of great bloggers and writers. Besides this, we´ll be sharing insider guides and travel joy in the shape of professional as well as joyful articles and pictures delivered by the editors group.

RejsRejsRejs has been founded by two keen travellers, Jacob Gowland Jorgensen and Jens Skovgaard Andersen, with a background within travel, communications and culture. We have travelled more than 120 countries in the world, and have acted as travel talkers, travel magazine editors, photographer and journalists and we are proud members of the Travellers´ Club of Denmark. RejsRejsRejs consist of, and a number of Social Media sites. Do reach out if you can see a potential for professional cooperation:


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